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The lotto game is based on Israel New Lotto, the only lotto in the world that was created alongside its hosting country, Israel, and is older than any of the US or UK lotteries.

Israel Lotto offers some of the country’s top lottery prizes with exceptional winning odds owing to the lottery’s narrow 1-37 guess range.

You can view the official results at any time here! Or here!

Please note:
We cannot alter,change, or manipulate the outcome of the official results of the draws.

About Our Lottery Pool:
The chances of winning the lottery are very small no matter what you do, there is no secret that can guarantee that you'll hit a jackpot. But our lottery pool is a way of increasing your odds dramatically without increasing your risk of losing your financial investment in a long-shot dream.

So what is the secret in our special pool?
In our game you don't have to guess the 6 numbers in order to hit the pot. Each ticket sent in our pool is added to the total pot winning of the current draw. Even if you guess only 1 number, you can still hit the jackpot if you are the highest guesser in the category you sent the ticket. So lets say total pot accumulated under category 100 is 30,000 mbtc for the next draw. And among all the tickets, the most highest guess in this category is 2 numbers. If you guessed 2 numbers you are entitled of the jackpot winning. The one who guessed the most balls is the winner! There may be a situation where there are several winners. For example if 3 members guessed 2 numbers then the total pot split between them equally.

Our company takes small commission fees of 5% to conduct the operation.

Which currency i can play?
The pots are based on the popular bitcoin cryptocurrency. All units are mbtc, also know as millibitcoin and it also one thousandth of a BTC (1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC). This is to ensure protect your money identity.

I want to join but i dont have bitcoin wallet?
Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. it is easy as 123 steps to open a wallet. For a fast start we recommend this site.

About our game procces!

First You need to choose at which category you want to play 10 Mbtc or 25 Mbtc. There are two clocks:
1) Purchase clock.
2) Live broadcast lottery clock.

The clock of the purchase ends a minute before the lottery live and then you can not buy more tickets.

Enter the lottery page and then there are 3 ways to buy a ticket:
1) Clicking on AutoFill.
2) Selection of 6 different numbers.
3) Determines 6 fixed numbers to be stored in the system.
After you have selected 6 numbers, press ׳buy now׳.
Then you confirm the purchase of the ticket, and so you can buy several tickets for each category!!!!
You can see at any stage all the tickets you have purchased and everything that other players have purchased.
After the time expires and the last minute before the lottery will be live,then the game will pass to the Lottery's live broadcast page.
After six numbers have been issued (depend on the official result of the israeli new lotto draw), a 60-second clock will start and when the clock is finished, it will be possible to see who won, and all the winners.

How to win first place?
The one who guessed the most balls is the winner! There may be a situation where there are several winners.

Note: This is a Jackpot. In the event of multiple winners, the Jackpot and any Consolation prizes listed will be shared.

Free Spins Rules

1. For every deposit above 20 mBTC player is entitled of 1 spin of lucky wheel as long as he is logged on the site.

2. If player logs to the site after the time of free spin, next spin will be in 4 hours.

3. It is not possible to accumulate lucky spins.

4. It is possible to respin the wheel by purchasing spins.

5. The price of purchased spin is displayed in the the buy spin screen.

6. It is possible to redeem Bonus wins only if player participated in the lottery pool from 25 Mbtc category 5 times during the redim week and deposited at least 200 mBTC.

MultiPlayer Keno Game Rules

1. Our keno game is unique multiplayer game.

2. Each 30 seconds a new round starts.

3. Bonus round starts when total sum of outcoming balls is above 900.

3. All participating players who play the round prior to the bonus round will get the next round as bonus free of cost.

4. The prize multiplier on the bonus round will be the same as the wager player bet on the previous round.

Good luck to everyone.